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About Elm Street Games

The Cards We Sell

Most cards sold by Elm Street Games are from our personal collection! From WOTC to Scarlett and Violet, these cards have been well taken care. Each and every item offered by Elm Street Games is packaged and stored in our smoke-free climate controlled space. Condition of each card can be determined by inspecting the photographs, or viewing the description. If you have any questions regarding our cards message us in the chat. We are here to answer any questions!

The Elm Street Guarantee

TCG Fans, we are collectors ourselves! You can count on high quality 100% authentic cards ONLY, sourced from our own collection, card shops, other collectors, or official packs. We believe in fair trades, and great prices. We are in it to complete our collection, and help others complete theirs. If you are less than 100% satisfied with your purchase, or need regarding your purchase please message us in the chat.

We will make it right!

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